Believe IT or not: Restaurant Curry Secrets or Quick Fix Desserts at Rs.499.00 only!

We’re back with yet another unbelievable offer!  Join us as we unravel some well kept Restaurant Curry Secrets and prepare you with Quick Fix Desserts that will leave your guests hungry for more! And all this plus a participation certificate for just Rs.499.00!

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We look forward to cook and bake with you!


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I’ve been cooking since I was 13 years old. It started with the small, basic tasks. Washing, peeling, chopping and sometimes it was just organizing the pantry shelves or making space in the refrigerator or putting the casserole to bake. Little did I know that by helping my mum in the kitchen, I was really just helping myself.

The kitchen for me held a world of free expression in the form of fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, spices and a thousand splendid aromas that would rise from my latest concoctions (recipes). All this followed by the final prize that came in the form of a verbal or non-verbal expression of resplendent satisfaction on the faces of my guests.

I’ve taught many a newbies who came to me with a latent fear of cooking or baking, thinking them to be herculean tasks. But our sessions always end with them thanking me for a session that enlightened them in more ways than one. My reward? you guessed it, the smile and satisfaction on their faces!

Spices, flavours, colours are all subconscious motivators that work wonders to get our mind off the chronic problems we face in our hectic and routine lives.

Although cooking may seem like a common day-to-day activity, it can be therapeutic for a diverse group of people. Cooking therapy is quickly becoming a popular part of treatment for Eating Disorders, Learning Disabilities and ADHD, Autism, Depression and Anxiety.

Among other’s, benefits of Cooking Therapy include: stress relief, improved social skills, balance and coordination, sensory awareness, improved physical health, enhanced ability to plan and organize, time management skills, relief from boredom, improved memory, attention and focus, self-esteem building and a guaranteed sense of accomplishment

But you don’t just have to take my word for it, try it for yourself and let me know!

Till then…Cook and Bake someone happy!

Chef Shwetambari Pandit

80 Vegetarian Chinese Recipes Published!

Chef Shwetambari’s 80 Vegetarian Chinese Recipes have been published in the September 2013 issue of Meri Saheli (India’s No.1 Monthly Magazine for Women, published in Hindi).

Meri Saheli 80 Shoot

We’d love to hear about your experience of making these recipes! Grab your copy today and write to us with your feedback on

Till then…Cook and Bake someone happy!

We’re Off for Ganpati Bappa!

Calendar Update: we’re officially closed for Ganesh Chaturthi from Sept. 2 to Sept 13.


We’re accepting bookings for available dates Sept. 22 onward.

The upcoming course schedule includes: Taste of India I (3 seats available), Breads (2 seats available), Puffs & Pies (3 seats available), Mexican II (3 seats available), Dream Desserts (2 seats available), Weekend Short-term Bakery (2 seats available) (you can choose to join us on specific days if not all 6). We’re also running a custom course in Mexican & Italian over the weekend!

Please write to for details or visit for updates on available dates.

See you in September!

Short-term Bakery

“A party without cake is just a meeting”  – Julia Child


Would you like to add the following to your “delicious goodies that I can bake” list, that too in just 6 days?

Pesto Bread, French Baguette, Focaccia, Chocolate Tart, Cheesecake, Pie, Quiche, Stuffed Croissant, Cinnamon Roll, Danish Pastry, Brownie, Swiss Roll, Mousse Cake, Shrewsberry, White Chocolate & Raspberry Cookie, Chocolate Truffles, Rum Balls, Basic Cake, Layering and Icing, Cupcakes with Frosting, Muffins…phew! I’m breathless just typing.

And the list doesn’t end here…check out our Short-term Bakery Course for details if you don’t believe this post!

Our batch starts August 20, 2013 and there’s only 3 more seats available and to make this heavenly course even more unbelievable, we’ll throw in a 20% off…so hurry!!