DON’T spend your time cooking in the kitchen while your guests attend to themselves. ‘Rent-a-Chef’ instead!

Yes, you’ve read it right, experience the exquisite feeling of being  a guest at your own party.

Our ‘Rent-a-Chef’ service allows you to get Chef Shwetambari to help you make your party a tantalizing experience.

Here’s what she’ll do for you:

  1. Plan a menu of your choice
  2. Take over your kitchen (only temporarily)
  3. Serve you and your guests delightful, home cooked, chef made delights, while your busy entertaining and having a ball at your own gala!

So there it is, a simple 3 step process to make you ‘The Best Host‘ there can be.

Don’t be shy to contact Chef Shwetambari for more details…