Booking Policy

This policy document details Foodwhizz Cookery School’s general terms and conditions including but not limited to policies on course bookingspayments and cancellations. Every effort has been made to include comprehensive information about the services provided and the courses offered. However, if you need any more information or find any gaps in information; please email us on

A. Types of Courses

1. Foodwhizz Cookery School offers courses as under:

a. Advance Courses – these courses are intended to provide in-depth knowledge and skill to participants in their chosen course. These are intensive, hands-on courses that can last more than 4 weeks and span over 5 to 6 hours each day depending on the chosen course. These courses may allow a maximum of 3 participants at the Chef’s discretion. This course focuses on techniques, master recipes and trains a participant to be able to manage the chosen course independently post course completion. Detailed notes, recipes and theory as applicable are provided.

b. Basic Courses – these are crash courses that provide participants introductory knowledge in the chosen course. They are semi practical with a maximum of 2-4 recipes demonstrated and may include up to 6 recipes. These are one day courses that can span over 2 to 3 hours. These courses may require a minimum of 2 participants and allow a maximum of 6 participants per course subject to the Chef’s discretion. Basic recipes are provided.

c. Custom Courses – these are complete hands-on courses that are designed for the participant after considering preferences of a customized course curriculum, schedule, duration and budget. These courses are preferably conducted on a one to one basis. Detailed notes and recipes included in the curriculum are provided. Custom Training – these training modules aim at upgrading the participant’s skills to match that of an entry level cook (Commi III) or a higher level as maybe required. The training is one on one, hands-on and can be customized as per the participant’s preferences.

d. Demo Courses – These courses are introductory courses hosted to give participants a preview of how courses are conducted at Foodwhizz Cookery School. These courses require a minimum of 6 and may allow a maximum of 12 participants with minimal/no participant involvement. Basic recipes covered during the course are provided.

e. Exclusive Courses – These courses focus on providing hands-on-training to its participants in the essentials and secrets of the chosen course. They and can span over a maximum of 6 sessions lasting 3 to 4 hours each. These courses require a minimum of 2 persons and may allow a maximum of 6 participants per batch.

f. Workshops – These courses are ideally a one or two day courses, designed for those who are keen on learning but short on time. They are semi practical with a maximum of 2-4 recipes demonstrated and may include up to 6 recipes. They can span over a maximum of 2 sessions lasting 3 to 4 hours each. These courses require a minimum of 2 persons and may allow a maximum of 12 participants per batch.

g. Miscellaneous – Foodwhizz Cookery School reserves the right to change, alter or differ published/active courses including but not limited to details and workings of the course as per their discretion. Foodwhizz Cookery School reserves the right to roll out new courses/workshops/events/ideas as required and all course related matter and its contents remain the intellectual property of Foodwhizz Cookery School.

B. Eligibility

1. There is no bar on eligibility for enrolment in Foodwhizz Cookery School. Course participants do not need any specific educational or vocational qualification for admission into any level of courses.

2. There is no bar on gender, age, caste, religion or race. No discrimination practices of any kind are tolerated within Foodwhizz Cookery School.

3. Foodwhizz Cookery School reserves its right to admission, subject to fulfilment of its terms and conditions whether written, oral or implied.

C. Bookings

1. All courses are pre-paid and must be booked by depositing the full course fee with Foodwhizz Cookery School.

2. To register for a course, participants must fill out the registration form, make full payment towards the course fee and submit a copy of address/identity proof and a passport size photo. Failure to comply with these requirements may lead to cancellation of the course and forfeiture of course fee, unless otherwise expressly specified.

3. E-bookings can be done via telephone on +919920761035 or via email on Participants must email a scanned copy of the address/identity proof, proof of payment and a digital passport size photograph in addition to payment of booking fee to receive confirmation of booking.

4. On successful fulfilment of the requirements listed in clause C (2) & C (3) above, Foodwhizz Cookery School will contact you via phone/email with details of the course such as date, schedule time etc.

5. Data collected at the time of registration/enrolment will be collated for our internal use and you may be contacted for feedback, course offerings etc. unless specifically opted out by you. We have the highest regard for your privacy and will never expose our database or divulge your information without your express consent.

D. Course Fees & Payments

1. All course fees published on this website are inclusive of applicable taxes, unless otherwise expressly mentioned at the time of course booking. The published course fees are applicable, only subject to fulfilment of our minimum participant requirement. Course fees are subject to change when the course(s) is conducted on a one-on-one and/or custom basis, as specified at the time of booking.

2. Foodwhizz Cookery School accepts payments only in Indian Rupee (INR) via cash, cheque or NEFT. Banking details for NEFT will be provided upon inquiry.

3. Confirmation of a booking and payments receipts are issued only on receipt of cash, realization of the cheque and/or credit of NEFT.

4. Terms of payment detailed herein are not flexible.

E. Schedule

1. Courses are scheduled on first come first serve model, subject to our Chef’s availability.

2. We consider participant preferences while scheduling Advance & Custom courses.

3. Participants are given course confirmations and confirmed schedule details after successful receipt of the course fee.

F. Course Inclusions & Delivery

1. Courses conducted by Foodwhizz Cookery School are all inclusive. Participants are provided all the required course material, equipment, notes, recipes and training.

2. Participants are encouraged to carry an apron, a kitchen napkin and small boxes for one portion take away and to wear comfortable clothing and footwear while attending the course. Foodwhizz Cookery School also provides a starter pack which includes an apron, a kitchen towel, a cap, a pair of gloves, take away boxes and a notepad at an additional cost. Please inquire with us about the starter pack at the time of booking.

3. Advance & Custom courses at Foodwhizz Cookery School are hands on practical courses. Participants are encouraged to engage in all courses unless otherwise indicated. Basic courses and Workshops may be semi interactive with each participant getting at least minimal involvement in one recipe. Demo courses do not require any participant involvement.

4. We endeavour to ensure individual attention for all our participants and may choose to limit the number of participants at our discretion.

5. All costs indicated on our website are inclusive of course material etc. and are charged per person. These costs are subject to change without prior notice. We do not take any responsibility for any content and/or fees published on any other platform, except or

G. Health, Safety & Conduct

1. We are not able to adapt the course content to suit particular dietary needs, intolerances or allergies. For health and safety reasons, participants are encouraged to specifically indicate any food related allergies/conditions at the time of booking.

2. We endeavour to use the freshest ingredients and from time to time may need to substitute or change a dish if ingredients are unavailable. We apologise if this causes any disappointment.

3. If you have a medical condition that may affect your ability to take part or follow instructions, please let us know at the time of booking.

4. Our Cookery School is fully accessible.

5. The well being of our participants and staff is very important to us. We provide a safety briefing at the start of each course. You are required to follow these guidelines in order to help us create a safe working environment for yourself and others.

6. You are required to follow the operating instructions provided by our Chef(s) for all equipments and/or tools used.

7. We reserve the right to decline a booking or to ask a participant to leave, without reimbursements, if we believe there may be an unacceptable risk to their health and/or safety or to that of our other participants and/or our staff.

8. Foodwhizz Cookery School or its associates/affiliates/staff/members expressly state that they are not liable and or responsible for any injury or harm caused due to negligence or ignorance to any of the guidelines or protocols mentioned orally or herein.

H. Offers & Discounts & Deals

1.  Any offers including but not limited to discounts or deals etc. promoted/published or otherwise advertised by Foodwhizz Cookery School and its affiliates/associates are subject to this policy and any other individual terms and conditions as expressly mentioned.

2. Each offer is applicable individually within its published/defined validity period and shall not be clubbed with any other offer. The decision of Foodwhizz Cookery School’s management shall be final in case of any disputes. Please refer to clause ‘I’ for more information.

3. Any publication/reproduction of Foodwhizz Cookery School’s courses, contents and/or offers without our express permission by any portal/agency etc. is liable to legal action and consequences. Please email us on for more details.

I. Cancellations, Transfers, Rescheduling, Refunds & Disputes

1. We do not entertain ad hoc cancellations. Reasoned cancellations if any, must be communicated via email / written communication, at least 15 days prior to the scheduled date of the course. Foodwhizz Cookery School reserves the right to accept such cancellation and/or forfeit fees (if any paid, either in whole or part thereof, as the case may be) towards such booking at it’s sole discretion.

2. Participants that are unable to attend a course can transfer their booking to a participant of choice by emailing us at least 48 hours in advance. Foodwhizz Cookery School shall not be liable to refund fees (if any paid, either in whole or part thereof, as the case may be) should the Participant be unable to attend a course.

3. Foodwhizz Cookery School is not liable for any losses incurred if you have to cancel or transfer your booking.

4. Although unlikely, we do reserve the right to cancel a course due to circumstances beyond our control. If this occurs, we will reschedule the course reasonably accommodating your convenience. If we are unable to reschedule or conduct the course, we will offer a transfer to another course of the same value. Only if we are unable to reschedule or conduct a course, will a refund be offered.

5. Foodwhizz Cookery School is not liable for any additional losses incurred as a consequence of us cancelling a course e.g. accommodation or transport.

6. All our course content is original work and is our intellectual property, governed by the applicable laws. Images which bear our logo, visiting card, trademark or copyright are our exclusive property. Any unauthorized use of the same is liable for legal action and consequences. Other images and content, as and where used, is for representational purposes only. Please email us on should you need any more information or have any objection on our content.

7. Decision of Foodwhizz Cookery School represented by its management is final and binding. Disputes if any are subject to the jurisdiction of Mumbai and shall be settled amicably via Arbitration, Mediation or Conciliation. A 30 day pre-litigation notice must be issued before initiating any legal action.

If you require further information or clarification on our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us. All bookings confirmed will be implied as well as express consent and acceptance of this policy by the course participant.

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