Short-term Mughlai (E)

Our Short-term Mughlai (E) course is exclusively designed for enthusiasts who aspire to bring the Aromas of the “RAJ” to their home.

With focus on techniques and mastering the basics, this course will help participants comfortably work with recipes in the Mughlai cuisine. It will guide you through every step and help you build your own menu for any occasion.

This is a Certificate Course and costs Rs.9000.00 (INR) and is scheduled for 2 days for 5 hours each day. Sessions include hands on practical training. The curriculum includes original, preservative free recipes which are taught with easy to learn techniques and ingredients that are locally available.


Kebab / Tikka

  1. Reshmi Gobhi Tikka
  2. Harabhara Kebab
  3. Shammi Kebab
  4. Tandoori Murg
  5. Murg Nazakat Kebab
  6. Zaffrani Murg Tikka

Masaledar / Saalan

  1. Shahi Paneer
  2. Bharwan Aloo
  3. Murg Makhani
  4. Nargisi Kofta
  5. Dum Murg


  1. Naan
  2. Malai Paratha


  1. Subz / Murg Biryani
  2. Pulao


  1. Printed recipes
  2. Techniques
  3. Introduction to basic sauces/blends
  4. Basics of cutting, boiling
  5. Basic pastes, base sauces, marinades
  6. Tips and variations as applicable

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