Cake Virtuoso (A)

This is a complete hands-on class and trains you in perfecting your passion into a dream job. Learn how to make your own sponges as base and use variations of frosting and decorations to make a cake to surprise your taste buds.

This is a Certificate Course that aims in perfecting your skills and focuses on the very basics like baking, layering, crumbing and finishing a CAKE.

Course Fee: 36,000/-

Course Schedule: 4 sessions of 5 hours each

Course Curriculum: (with and without egg)

Sponges – 4
Frosting – 6 with variations

  • Cream Cakes – fresh cream / cream cheese cakes with photo prints, nozzle work, flowers etc.
  • Chocolate Cakes – chocolate ganache / chocolate truffle with sharp edges, mirror – glaze, chocolate fillings, chocolate work, sails etc.
  • Party Cakes – flavored mousse / cream cheese based cakes with trending designs.
  • Shaped Cakes – trending character / shaped / themed cakes with partial / full fondant work, fondant accents etc.